SteelSeries Arctis Pro Wireless review
A review of the Arctis Pro Wireless headset from the perspective of an average user.
Setting up Cardboard VR
My experiences on setting up and using Cardboard VR
Running a personal Matrix server using docker
A simple guide on how to set up a matrix + riot instance using docker for personal use
Witcher 3 Ruined Inn (Abandoned Site) fix
How to fix the Ruined Inn Abandoned Site in Witcher 3 GOTY on PC.
Resurrecting a dead character in The Witcher 1
On how I went into the horrifying world of BioWare engine save games to revive a character
Setting up Virgl VMs with QEMU and libvirt on Ubuntu 18.04
This post contains instructions on setting up a virtual machine with VirGL support on Ubuntu 18.04.
Tinc 1.1 setup instructions
This post contains instructions on setting up a tinc 1.1 based VPN on Linux (Ubuntu), Windows and how to connect to it from Linux (Ubuntu), Windows and Android.
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